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Dr. Mary Lippitt author of  Situational Mindsets:  Targeting What Matters When It Matters presents her innovative and proven leadership strategies using results-oriented Mindsets that ensure effective execution of change, balanced and engaged decision making and targeted goal setting.

Employing insights from the organizational life cycle stage, leaders can leverage their opportunities and mitigate potential risks.  She shares her extensive research with over 6,000 leaders that enables leaders to cope with complexity and uncertainty.

Making Change Stick

Change is easy to identify, excruciating to implement and likely to fail.  In fact, 70% or more change initiatives fail.  This video examines three actions leaders can take to ensure that change survives past the launch to achieve the desired goals.  These three actions improve the odds that desired outcomes materialize and endure.

If You Think Sharper Thinking Does Not Matter: Think Again

Enterprises must move faster to gain competitive advantage, seize opportunities and manage emerging risks. Relying on habit, past assumptions or few data points will not suffice.  It is just too dangerous to rush into being “decisive” without fully analyzing current circumstances.   Today leaders must sharpen their thinking by considering more viewpoints, developing creative alternatives, assessing threats and consulting experts .  In other words, we need to recognize it is time to sharpen our thinking practices.

Critical New Dimension of Leadership

Today’s leaders face new challenges from the competition, new risks from changing realities and opportunities from innovation.   Past leadership models based on personality, style and competency analysis enable leaders to understand themselves and their duties.  These models cannot assist in dealing with rapidly changing circumstances.  This video presents a model based on business mental agility to help leaders make the right decision at the right time based on current conditions.

Brilliant or Blunder

This one minute white board video presents an overview of the six mindsets to support critical thinking, wise choices and gaining active support to achieve key goals.  Mastering your current context enables you to make the right call at the right time.

“Reading this brilliant book was both a pleasure and a gift. Situational Mindsets has not only helped me to analyze my own leadership tendencies and skills, but it caused me to take notice of the changes I need to make within my own organization to gain a competitive advantage in today’s world.”

David M.R. Covey, CEO of SMCOV, Coauthor of Trap Tales