Targeting What Matters When It Matters

“We cannot do everything that we would like to do, but we can target what is vital at this moment in time to secure our success.”

—Dr. Mary Lippitt

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What People Are Saying:

Leaders must make choices. Amid the tumultuous climate of today’s global market, Mary’s comprehensive approach to leadership focuses on helping both organizations and individuals identify specific decisions and judgments that may be hindering their long-term growth and prosperity. In simpler terms, she helps these leaders find what needs to be changed and shows them why and how to do it. By using a time-tested formula, Mary pinpoints strategic thinking needs in each area of an organization as she helps them learn to effectively prioritize, assess risks, and create long-term strategies for success.
David M.R. Covey
David M.R. Covey
CEO of SMCOV and Coauthor of Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Hidden Obstacles to Success
Buck the trend and make a lasting and effective change with this book! Every great leader should have it!
Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith
New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.
Situational Mindsets teaches leaders that they don’t need an MBA to master the art of business acumen. They need to stay curious, ask the right questions, and read this book! Reading Dr. Lippitt’s definitions of the six mindsets helped me see new possibilities for my own business as well as empowering my executive coaching clients to make positive changes. I predict Situational Mindsets will become a classic leadership book for the ages.
Dr. Marcia Reynolds
Dr. Marcia Reynolds
Author of The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs
What the “just in time” approach is to inventory management strategy, Mary Lippitt’s Situational Mindsets concept will be to whole-of-business management. It is an innovative approach to making the right call at the right time, to prioritizing scarce resources to focus on the most urgent issues without sacrificing the big picture. This is an eminently practical blueprint for business leadership in an era of relentless transformation.
Alan Axelrod
Alan Axelrod
Author of The Disruptors: 50 People Who Changed the World,and Profiles I Audacity: Great Decisions and How They Were Made
This is fresh, insightful, and mind-expanding book that is based on sound research, in-depth case studies, and practical experience. It’s a breakthrough work with a unique perspective that will make you think differently about how you think.
Jim Kouzes
Jim Kouzes
Coauthor of the award-winning The Leadership Challenge and Executive Fellow of Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
Lippitt’s practical and easily adopted model changes how leaders gain support and deliver results. By using Lippitt’s six mindsets, leaders can make informed strategic choices addressingsituational mindsets and the change orientation of decision makers as well as the organization life cycle stage. Lippitt’s approach is in my tool kit under the heading of “elegant process and solutions.” It collapses several dynamics into a streamlined result—the silver bullet that leaders embrace.
Dr. Virginia Bianco Mathis
Dr. Virginia Bianco Mathis
Managing Partner, Strategic Performance Group; Professor and Director, School of Business and Technology, Marymount University
Situational Mindsets deftly takes us on a journey beyond the previous leadership frameworks to a more useful and comprehensive approach. Correctly focused on the decision making role of leaders, this book changes our leadership mindset in order to help us make better decisions.
David Marquet
David Marquet
Best selling author of Turn Your Ship Around
Mary’s original ideas will stretch your thinking and push you toward becoming a better leader who embraces the challenges of uncertainty, the promises of opportunity, and the impediments of complexity. Delve into this book; it is a must read from a thought leader who has devoted her career to helping others learn to lead and achieve results. Mary Lippitt’s new book, Situational Mindsets, is—in a word—brilliant!
Elaine Biech
Elaine Biech
Author The Business of Consulting, editor The ASTD Leadership Handbook and founder of ebb associates inc.
Count on Mary Lippitt to see the world of leadership through a refreshingly new angle and bring her immense wisdom to its thoughtful practice. Situational Mindsets will open your eyes, clarify your perspective, and sharpen your influence in bringing the best of who you are to what you do.
Chip R. Bell
Chip R. Bell
Author of Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning
What you will learn from this book

New Results Oriented Mindset

Learn how leader can leverage change for business results

Boost Team Effectiveness

Capture your team’s strengthsand diverse perspectives for goal alignment.

Practical Tools

Use the Situational Mindset Checklist to improve agility and reduce risk.

Make Wiser Choices

Explore how to make the right call at the right time to avoid potential obstacles.

Improve Communication

Highlight key benefits to win support.

Examine Thinking Patterns

Identify current mindset patterns and potential blind spots.

Influence Others

Realize how to build rapport and create win-win outcomes.

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About The Author

Dr. Mary Lippitt is an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant who focuses navigating today’s pressing business challenges with practical and effective solutions. Her groundbreaking work on leadership, critical thinking and change execution has been featured in Leader to Leader, Executive Excellence, The Journal of Business Strategy, Industry Week and on Sirius Radio.

A hands-on practitioner as well as a researcher, Dr. Lippitt has helped thousands of leaders improve organizational performance by focusing on six success mindsets. Her reality focused analysis approach has been adopted by major international organizations and universities.

Dr. Lippitt earned a Doctorate in Business Administration and teaches at the University of South Florida. She is a member of the Business Transition Council, Association for Talent Development, and the Senior HRD Forum. An influential leadership expert, Dr. Lippitt is a highly sought-after author, speaker and consultant.

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