Situational Mindsets Indicator  Qualification Program

Situational Mindsets Indicator™

A practical and unique tool to develop mental agility and manage change.

The Situational Mindsets Indicator (SMI) Qualification Program enables you to deliver value for internal or external clients.  The SMI targets critical thinking, engagement, and goal achievement. It is the only program that boosts business acumen to deliver practical and measurable results. 

You can start at any time with personalized support from the founder.  This proven proprietary method gets results by addressing pressing issues.  The SMI’s focus on impact stands apart from other assessments. Its focus on identifying and leveraging strategic mindsets advances influencing without authority, team alignment, change management, and conflict resolution.  The SMI Qualification investment is almost cost free since graduates are provided with 20 participant access codes.

This self-paced blend edqualification program enables you to:

Promote and deliver SMI coaching and developmental solutions

Develop the ability of a team’s ability to assess and select key plans and goals

Provide practical tools and techniques for mental agility to meet changing      conditions

Explore how the organizational life cycle impacts priorities

Deliver SMI debriefing and developmental sessions

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Who should attend?

The SMI Qualification Program is designed for learning and organizational development professionals, human resource consultants or managers, leadership trainers, change management professionals, and executive coaches.

SMI Qualification – Self-Paced Virtual Program

A valuable blended learning solution offered virtually via self-paced, video modules facilitated by Dr Mary Lippitt, Founder of Enterprise Management Limited.

Enterprise Management’s thought-provoking Situational Mindsets Indicator Qualification Program provides opportunities for personal and organizational growth. Our comprehensive online course explores how to deploy Situational Mindsets to achieve goals and to develop situational awareness and mental agility at an individual, group, and organizational level.

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What are the outcomes

  • Show how Situational Mindsets impact results
  • Discuss SMI and its unique features
  • Facilitate a SMI debrief covering priorities, influencing and conflict management
  • Explore how the organizational life cycle enables planning
  • Guide the development of a plan to apply Situational Mindsets
  • Boost team effectiveness using Situational Mindsets
  • Improve individual and organization outcomes

Course Modules

  • Module 1  Course and SMI Overview
  • Module 2 Situational Mindsets Framework and Report
  • Module 3: Advancing Influence with the SMI
  • Module 4: The Organizational Life Cycle Alignment with Situational Mindsets
  • Module 5: Debrief for Individuals
  • Module 6: Debrief for Teams
  • Module 7: Preparing for a Debrief
  • Module 8: Administrative Tips
  • Module 9:  Review and Summary

A one hour consultation with the Master Trainer is included in the Qualification process.

The cost of the SMI Qualification is US $895.00 plus book purchase of Situational Mindsets from Amazon.

Program Sequence

First Step: Pre-Work

Complete your Situational Mindsets Indicator

Before the program, you will complete your own Enterprise Management Limited’s Situational Mindsets Indicator and review your report.  After the program, a personal conversation with a SMI Master Trainer will answer questions on the debrief, administration, and application.

The following topics will be covered:

      • The Situational Mindsets model and its unique features
      • Interpreting and Debriefing the SMI
      • Developing client interest in Situational Mindsets
      • Debriefing Groups
      • Managing an SMI project
      • Research on the benefits of mental agility
      • Discuss the business case for the SMI
      • Available support resources
      • Read the Situational Mindsets: Targeting What Matters When it Matters book by Dr. Mary Lippitt, founder of Enterprise Management Limited.

Second Step: The Online Program

      • Watch the nine videos, review each module’s participant materials and complete the module’s quizzes
      • Complete the SMI exam. Any participant needed assistance will be provided coaching to master all of the exam’s components.

Third Step:  Post Program Support

      • Discussion and debrief with a Master Trainer to support your mastery and use of the Situational Mindsets Indicator. The hour long conversation also examines how to share the work with others and reviews the business case for Situational Mindsets.
      • Receive the Facilitator Guide and PowerPoint deck for use with clients. These materials are constantly updated.  SMI visuals and videos are available to add to your toolkit.


The Situational Mindsets Program was the most beneficial program that I’ve ever participated in. It was very relevant to today’s challenges (COVID, unemployment, economy), and we learned how to apply the framework with other leaders and teams. Great learning experience!
Sandy Benz, President Benz Team Solutions
For three years, I have been using Dr. Lippitt’s Situational Mindsets model in my MBA courses. The Mindset paradigm boosts critical thinking, alignment, and outcomes. It is a very practical technique to handle growing complexity, team building, and executing change.
Dr. Virginia Bianco-Mathis, Professor/Director, School of Business and Technology, Marymount University
The Situational Mindsets will improve leadership for all. I felt fully engaged in this hands on, groundbreaking analytical tool!”
Dr. Robert C. Preziosi, Professor Emeritus, Huizenga College of Business, Nova Southeastern University
I recently completed the Situational Mindsets program with Mary Lippitt. What I appreciated about this program is that I was able to immediately put what I learned into action! Shortly after the class, I had an opportunity to test out what we learned. I was able to prepare for a conversation and identify the mindsets of all the players. This was absolutely amazing because once I clearly understood each person's perspective, I was able to tailor my conversation to a language that they could understand. This allowed me to mitigate the typical communication challenges that I would encounter!!!
I would highly recommend this training. You will learn to identify your mindset and be able to clearly define other peoples’ mindsets. Having this knowledge is invaluable!
Elizabeth Sequeira, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified SAFe 4 ScrumMaster
“Reading this brilliant book was both a pleasure and a gift. Situational Mindsets has not only helped me to analyze my own leadership tendencies and skills, but it caused me to take notice of the changes I need to make within my own organization to gain a competitive advantage in today’s world.”

David M.R. Covey, CEO of SMCOV, Coauthor of Trap Tales