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Success Mindsets: 6 Ways of Delivering Brilliant Results

Today’s customer, marketplace, workforce, and technology alter with increasing speed which requires great mental agility, critical thinking and wisdom.  This program presents a framework for making the right call at the right time to deliver the right results.  Getting it right from the start saves time, resources and goodwill.  Leveraging current circumstances, avoiding pitfalls and seizing opportunities requires more than being in the right place at the right time.  It requires breakthrough thinking to implement change and achieve success.

Success Mindsets: 6 Ways of Delivering Brilliant Results program boosts systems thinking and sound judgment.  Leaders confront increasing challenges as they cope with change, complexity and ambiguity.

Risk & Opportunity Practicum

In an era of change, we cannot play it safe and keep on doing what we have always done. It is a recipe for disaster. Expectations, technology, regulations and competition require that we seize opportunities and effectively manage risk.

Many organizations have well defined process for strategic thinking and planning, but too few translate this process into an effective program or unit level optimization.

This Risk and Opportunity program is a “practicum” since half of the session focus on learning and analyzing how to capture opportunity and handle risk and the other half involves coaching participant cohorts to identify recommendation for improvements in their units. After all, the real benefit from any program is that the learning is applied to assist participants, organization and customers.

  • Contentment with the status quo obscures new opportunities and evolving risks

  • Ownership of an initiative by the implementers increases the likelihood for successful implementation

  • Support for analytical thinking ensures sustained excellence

Situational Mindset Agility

Targeting What Matters

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Program Overview

Confronting a dynamic, multi-faceted, rapidly changing world requires situational understanding and critical thinking. When we detect new patterns and recognize new opportunities, we take our work to a new level and deliver results. We must discard existing blinders, escape tunnel vision, increase agility, to align efforts, and achieve goals. Using the Situational Mindsets Indicator ™, this program provides a road map for capturing situational insights and discovering new solutions.

The Situational Mindset Agility Program offers clear insights into six context based mindset categories to enable participants to collect data, identify opportunities, and escape potential pitfalls. We must continually assess our real-time conditions to ensure that we leverage new opportunities for a bright and thriving future.

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Program Overview

This program delivers impactful outcomes that improve performance, engagement and results.

  • Recognize your driving Mindset in current initiative

  • Shatter constraints of habitual or conventional thinking

  • Circumvent pitfalls to seize opportunities

  • Boost critical and risk analysis

  • Leverage emerging trends and patterns

  • Gain active support for smooth implementation

  • Expand situational awareness

  • Attain techniques to resolve conflict

This program delivers impactful outcomes that are immediately applied to improve performance and engagement.


The Situational Mindset Agility Program offers practical tools for those confronting complexity and change. As the speed of change accelerates, we cannot accept the status quo. We must adapt and adjust, but we must also get it right. Leaders need a real-time practice to boost critical thinking, smart decision making, gain support, and produce results.

The Situational Mindset Agility Program is offered in a one-day program to advance the ability to make smart decisions, gain alignment for new initiatives, increase engagement, and deliver results.

Risk and Opportunity

You Can’t Hit A Home Run Unless You Step Up To The Plate.


As the pace of change accelerates, organizations need to analyze and manage risk while also capturing new opportunities. Many organizations have well defined processes for strategic thinking and planning but too few translate this process into an effective program or unit level analysis.

This program proposes to develop program evaluation and analytical skills through a cohort model of four to five unit teams. The approximately four person unit team collects, measures and evaluates current unit practices and outcomes. Based on this analysis, the team will then identify opportunities for improvement and present their proposed recommendations to management. This process removes initiative resistance since it originated with the team and was driven by unit data.

This program is a “practicum” since half of the session focus on learning and analyzing followed by individualized coaching for each cohort to develop recommending that will increase unit performance and value.

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Program Overview

Many organizations encourage their employees to demonstrate initiative and continuous improvement. Enterprise Management Ltd. offers the Risk and Opportunity Practicum for organizations who seek mastery in program evaluation and strategic thinking while also discovering a unit improvement plan that is “owned” by unit members.

The program goal is to discover what is working well, what could be done differently, what risks require mitigation, and what new opportunities can be leveraged. The program instills proactive and strategic awareness to cope with the challenges of complexity and change.

The program objectives enable participants to:

  • Understand the program evaluation process

  • Analyze current Mindsets and potential blind spots

  • Develop a unit data gathering plan to analyze effectiveness

  • Evaluate their unit’s existing program or deliverables

  • Explore potential risks and opportunities

  • Prepare a plan to improve outcomes or streamline operations within their unit

  • Identify and propose a new initiative to enhance unit performance

  • Improve analytical and thinking skills

  • Boost unit engagement and effectiveness

  • Increase strategic awareness and change readiness


The Risk and Opportunity Practicum combines skill development and unit improvement in a concrete return on investment. For further information on how the Practicum can contribute to your organization’s success, please contact us at

Aligning for Success

Aligning for Success program presents a practical five step change model for assessing system consistency.

Using results from more than 30 years of experience and research, the Aligning for Success program presents a practical five step change model for assessing system consistency and delivers key insights and guidelines for improvement. With a 70% and higher failure rate, we must do more to make change stick.

This program assesses an organization’s current alignment by examining results and addresses what areas need attention to ensure long-term success.

Aligning for Success presents five crucial alignment components:

  • Direction setting

  • Organizational and individual capabilities

  • Reward systems

  • Resources

  • Planning

However, developing a well crafted change program is just the start. The initiative must also gain support from decision makers and implementers. Winning support for change is essential.

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Given the pace of change, organizations must adapt. The status quo cannot deliver sustained success.

Program Goals

This program improves the likelihood of successful change by:

  • Increasing goal clarity and commitment to change

  • Improving how to plan for change

  • Developing team and employee change readiness

  • Engaging employee discretionary efforts and initiatives


The Aligning for Success program describes and illustrates key insights and guidelines for successful execution of change. Streamlining or eliminating non-critical activities conserves resources, reputations and time. This program boosts the ability to get it right the first time.

The program can be conducted in a one or two day format, depending on organizational goals and the option of including actual project plan development or practicum.

Bottom Line Persuasion

Persuasion requires the credibility and knowledge to shape thinking.

Have you ever felt frustrated or powerless in dealing with others?

Have you hesitated to start an initiative because you were not sure others would support it?

Mastering influence empowers you and increases your ability to achieve results—even when you do not have formal authority.

Program Overview

Being persuasive does not depend on title, resources, or popularity but requires the credibility and knowledge to shape thinking and the rapport to develop mutually beneficial outcomes. It starts with an awareness that the power to persuade is based on achieving mutual goals.

Successful persuasion stems from a determined and creative approach to listening, asking questions, and resolving problems.

Logic, information, and data represent a small fraction of what motivates people to act. Motivation stems from:

  • a sense of confidence in the ability to achieve the goals

  • a conviction that action will benefit the organization

  • the belief that it will meet personal goals

Personal goals may include a sense of achievement, a desire for community, or a preference for affiliation.

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Program Outcomes

Bottom Line Persuasion™ requires the credibility and knowledge to shape thinking, the rapport and trust to develop mutually beneficial outcomes, an understanding of the goals and motivation of the target of influence, and a determined and innovative approach to problem-solving.

The goals of this interactive program are to help participants:

  • Recognize how to analyze interests and bridge differences

  • Examine personal strengths and how perceptions limit effectiveness

  • Analyze current personal priorities

  • Develop effective questioning techniques

  • Examine effective communication techniques

  • Employ clear steps to gain agreement

The ability to sway decision makers without using coercive power is critical to success. Bottom Line Persuasion enables participants to analyze their intended audience and select appropriate strategies and tactics to gain support.  It encourages “both and” thinking and provides a model for developing win-win strategies to deliver results.


Bottom-Line Persuasion™ targets the thinking that is used  to either support or reject an action, idea, or proposal. Creating a winning proposal requires knowing what the other person wants and conducting a mutual search for a satisfying resolution.

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“Reading this brilliant book was both a pleasure and a gift. Situational Mindsets has not only helped me to analyze my own leadership tendencies and skills, but it caused me to take notice of the changes I need to make within my own organization to gain a competitive advantage in today’s world.”

David M.R. Covey, CEO of SMCOV, Coauthor of Trap Tales