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Situational Mindsets Indicator ® 

The Situational Mindsets Indicator (SMI) examines Mindsets or a leader’s choice of what is most important to achieve at a point in time. It focuses on organizational internal and external realities to foster critical thinking, engagement, and results.

The SMI  presents a groundbreaking and award winning framework using six reality based lenses to help leaders make the right call at the right time for the right results.  Since respondents select a real assignment, task or initiative for analysis the inventory:

  • Improves critical and strategic thinking
  • Expands the ability to influence beyond authority
  • Boosts team effectiveness
  • Prevents and handle conflict
  • Increases engagement and trust
  • Establishes a results oriented terminology
  • Manage change

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The Leadership Spectrum Profile ®

The Leadership Spectrum Profile®: Targeting Enterprise Priorities ® (LSP) examines Mindsets or a leader’s choice of what is most important to achieve at a point in time.  It focuses on organizational context both internally and externally to foster strategic thinking and deliver results.  While other inventories focusing on style, emotional balance, and competencies help a leader understand themselves and their interactions with others, the LSP develops the ability to assess the organization’s environment, identify alternatives, and make smart decisions.

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Bottom-Line Persuasion

Bottom-Line Persuasion:™ Results Focused Influencing helps identify your goals and Mindsets for winning agreement or support from others at work. Understanding Mindset helps you identify how to position your ideas or proposals to match the interests of those you are trying to influence or those whose support you need to implement the plan.

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“Reading this brilliant book was both a pleasure and a gift. Situational Mindsets has not only helped me to analyze my own leadership tendencies and skills, but it caused me to take notice of the changes I need to make within my own organization to gain a competitive advantage in today’s world.”

David M.R. Covey, CEO of SMCOV, Coauthor of Trap Tales