Brilliant or Blunder



Shifting realities increasingly challenge leaders. Leaders confront greater difficulty in handling amazingly positive or frighteningly dangerous situations. No company, organization or government can hope to go unscathed by the tumultuous events without leaders who employ mental agility.

To weather complexity and uncertainty, leaders must analyze their entire environment rather than rely on habit or past practice.  No longer are positive character traits, such as integrity or competencies such as delegating sufficient to navigate complex, integrated, evolving realities.  A dynamic results oriented framework must be added.  Nimbleness and advanced multi-faceted thinking can successfully transform new opportunities and risks into sustainable results.

Leaders need to use six mindsets or lenses to detect reality, make the right call, communicate goals and deliver desired outcomes.  Brilliant or Blunder outlines how to expand mindset mastery using six buckets to collect data and determine the right action for the given conditions.   Based on sixteen years of research with over 6,000 leaders, this leadership framework promotes agility, alignment, and stellar achievement.