INTRODUCING … Brilliant or Blunder Action Guide (2017) the learning manual for putting Success Mindsets to work for your organization. This recently published companion to the original text, Brilliant or Blunder: Navigating Uncertainty, Opportunity, (2014) brings detail and clarity for implementation of the methodology and processes unique to developing Success Mindsets.

Businesses today are under pressure to make better decisions, and make them quickly against a backdrop of dynamically changing environments. Leaders are called upon to confront challenges that challenge their ability to deliver results. Breakthroughs surface from this new framework built on situational mastery. To confront changing realities, leaders must learn to think critically and become mentally agile. Do we need smarter thinking? Our dynamic work environments offer new opportunities, and new risks, that were largely unknown just a few decades past. Clear analysis is more vital than ever.

The Brilliant or Blunder Action Guide comes at the request of professors who adopted the original book as the text for their courses, and by leaders who needed a manual to aide in implementing Success Mindsets in their organizations.  It outlines the steps to master situational awareness, critical analysis and breakthrough thinking to ensure that the right decision is made at the right time for the right results. Both Brilliant or Blunder and the companion guide are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all your favorite book sites.

Please visit to get a free chapter and watch a one minute video on the Success Mindsets Framework. For further information, please contact Mary Lippitt, Founder, Enterprise Management Ltd. via email