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About Enterprise Management Ltd.

Enterprise Management Ltd. is an international leader in linking development and results.  What sets us apart is our focus on impacting business outcomes, and enabling the workforce to capture opportunities and still manage risk.  We are the authority in developing leadership judgment that creates effective and timely solutions that secure both short and long-term potential.  Poor decisions and goal setting are the most fatal leadership flaws, but we are able to decode the process of making stellar decisions.

Based on our empirical research and the need for greater agility, we offer a new framework for leadership that will effectively seize opportunities and mitigate risk, while focusing on results at all levels.

We provide our clients with practical, research-based, and high-impact programs that accelerate business-initiative implementation, improve agility and build a proactive culture.

Our 30-year legacy as a thought leader continues with the development of the Situational Mindsets Indicator ® and research on organizational success. 


Our Team

Highly Experienced and Tailored for Impact.

Dr. Mary Lippitt


Dr. Mary Lippitt is an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant.  She founded Enterprise Management Ltd. in 1985 to provide businesses, teams, and organizations with practical and effective solutions to navigate modern business challenges.

Dr. Lippitt is known for her pioneering in organizational life cycle stages and situational analysis. She is recognized as a leader in executing change, organization alignment and strategic thinking.  She brings passion and creativity to the business world and her insights make her a standout in her field.  Dr. Lippitt consults with fortune 500 corporations, educational institutions, non-profits, government agencies, and religious organizations worldwide to improve organization alignment to achieve results.  And results she delivers.

Robert C. Preziosi


Dr. Robert Preziosi consults, coaches and trains in areas of leadership and human resource management.  A former line manager, HR exec and HRD VP himself, he works with senior management in business and government. Dr. Preziosi has won national awards for his leadership as well as his work in graduate education.  His focuses on building collaborative cultures that generate both innovation and strategic awareness.

Dr. Preziosi’s training sessions are praised for their fast pace, humor, and practicality.He has authored or edited six books and developed an internationally accepted organizational assessment inventory. 

Sandy Benz


Sandy Benz has developed and coached leaders and teams for over 25 years.  As a skilled facilitator and certified Situational Mindsets facilitator and change practitioner, Sandy’s career has involved designing and delivering team-based workshops that encourage adjusting one’s mindsets, behaviors and outcomes, particularly in the areas of interpersonal dynamics. Clients have described her approaches as engaging, proactive and results-oriented. 

With a Master’s in Adult Education, Sandy’s areas of expertise include design and facilitation ofemployee engagement, strategic and business planning, change and transition management, conflict resolution and group problem-solving.

Ria Hawkins


Ria has more than 30 years of broad change, strategic leadership, and organization development experience.  She offers an in-depth understanding of organizational systems and dynamics combined with extensive knowledge of the leadership capacities.  She is adept at helping leaders and organizations pinpoint the critical issues that unlock significant, positive, and measurable change. 

In addition to her research that provides leaders with a flexible process for sensemaking and action taking, she engages others to achieve results in turbulent and changing times.  She holds a Ph.D in Organization Systems.

ria hawkins

Tomas Idinge


Tomas has an extensive background in ‘Big 4’ consulting, delivering services to Global 2000 companies for over 18 years.   During this time, Tomas ran large programs in areas of technology implementations, process improvement, and change enablement.

Regardless of the service delivered, a common theme throughout Tomas’ career has been building and leading high-performing teams that would enable excellent service delivery for the client.   The teams Tomas managed typically had an international flavor with team members in countries such as The Philippines, India, Canada, and Brazil.

Paula Moreno


Paula Moreno’s international experience spans working in Human Resources, Communications, and Talent Development. Having worked for multinational firms and startups, she knows how to navigate through challenging and changing environments and to deliver desired results.

During her career, Paula has successfully handled projects that implemented change, enhanced engagement, improved performance and boosted social responsibilities and brand reputation. Paula trained and coached newly graduates joining a major corporation and guided them to develop dialogue strategies and enhance relationships across all stakeholder segments, including winning regulatory approvals.  She earned an MBA from the University of South Florida.


Business Consultants, Inc. (BCon) is a leading consulting, training, and assessment firm supporting business transformation, talent management, and organizational effectiveness for Japanese companies operating locally and internationally. BCon is based in Tokyo with offices and affiliates around the world.

Moovs is a training firm based in The Netherlands and works for clients who constantly want to enhance the social-economic relevance of their organization.

Our Videos

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Dr. Mary Lippitt presents her innovative and proven leadership strategies using results-oriented Mindsets that ensure effective execution of change, balanced and engaged decision making and targeted goal setting.

Employing insights from the organizational life cycle stage, leaders can leverage their opportunities and mitigate potential risks.  She shares her extensive research with over 6,000 leaders that enables leaders to cope with complexity and uncertainty.

Situational Mindsets

Dr. Mary Lippitt presents the need for decision-makers to use an objective framework for analyzing and evaluating current challenges. Her book Situational Mindsets helps leaders apply six situational filters to make the right call at the right time for the right results.

Boosting Mental Agility And Critical Thinking Webinar

Leaders must master their current realities to deliver results. Mounting data and rapid change increase the need to think critically and adjust to new realities. This presentation offers a groundbreaking situational framework using six results oriented lenses that enable leaders to target what matters when it matters.

Making Change Stick

Change is easy to identify, excruciating to implement and likely to fail.  In fact, 70% or more change initiatives fail.  This video examines three actions leaders can take to ensure that change survives past the launch to achieve the desired goals.  These three actions improve the odds that desired outcomes materialize and endure.

If You Think Sharper Thinking Does Not Matter: Think Again

Enterprises must move faster to gain competitive advantage, seize opportunities and manage emerging risks. Relying on habit, past assumptions or few data points will not suffice.  It is just too dangerous to rush into being “decisive” without fully analyzing current circumstances.   Today leaders must sharpen their thinking by considering more viewpoints, developing creative alternatives, assessing threats and consulting experts .  In other words, we need to recognize it is time to sharpen our thinking practices.

Critical New Dimension of Leadership

Today’s leaders face new challenges from the competition, new risks from changing realities and opportunities from innovation.   Past leadership models based on personality, style and competency analysis enable leaders to understand themselves and their duties.  These models cannot assist in dealing with rapidly changing circumstances.  This video presents a model based on business mental agility to help leaders make the right decision at the right time based on current conditions.

Brilliant or Blunder

This one minute white board video presents an overview of the six mindsets to support critical thinking, wise choices and gaining active support to achieve key goals.  Mastering your current context enables you to make the right call at the right time.

Clients and Testimonials

What our clients say about us.

Mary Lippitt provided excellent guidance and leadership at a key organization-wide meeting that she designed and facilitated for us. Because she is a leadership consultant as well as speaker and facilitator, she was able to help us refine our strategy for the meeting, develop an effective agenda and engage participants in results-oriented and meaningful ways. Mary’s input was invaluable to us and I would recommend her to any organization going through and working to manage change.
Director of Marketing Communications
CONMED Corporation

Dr. Lippitt’s attentiveness to client needs and her understanding of how organizations function are unsurpassed. She is among the few who are highly effective as a consultant, trainer, and speaker. Working with her is truly a pleasure.
Director of Human Resources
Hughes, HTI

Dr. Lippitt’s work in helping us restructure our board provided us the ability to effectively engage them in a strategic planning session with structure and focus. As a result we have more energy and a solid direction for the future. Dr. Lippitt was extremely flexible and attentive to the needs of our organization. She helped us be successful.
Executive Director
BayCare Behavioral Health

Dr. Lippitt proved invaluable in explaining difficult concepts, filling in gaps in skills and training, and keeping the teams focused on the process. Her professional and personal skills allowed the project to succeed and produce its deliverable on schedule. I can give my strongest recommendation to Dr. Lippitt.
HR Director
Lockheed Martin


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“Reading this brilliant book was both a pleasure and a gift. Situational Mindsets has not only helped me to analyze my own leadership tendencies and skills, but it caused me to take notice of the changes I need to make within my own organization to gain a competitive advantage in today’s world.”

David M.R. Covey, CEO of SMCOV, Coauthor of Trap Tales