Executing Complex Change

Confronting a dynamic, multi-faceted, rapidly changing world requires situational understanding and successful execution.

Situational Mastery

Decision makers must understand current realities, critically analyze alternatives, and set priorities.

Strategic Thinking

If you do not think analysis counts, think again

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We concentrate on those that will deliver results in the near term as well as being a sustainable advantage. It only makes sense that if you do not focus on results, there is little chance of delivering results.

Leadersheep: Saving the Herd

A Fable About Executing Complex Change

If you do not think critical thinking counts, think again!

Situational Mindsets Indicator™ targets critical thinking, mental agility, and engagement to deliver results when confronting complexity, uncertainty, and opportunity. Using six situational mindsets, leaders discover powerful insights to leverage organizational realities. We help leaders grasp current conditions and craft brilliant decisions to deliver desired outcomes. Ask about our guarantee that these programs improve results or we will courteously return our fees. Contact Enterprise Management Limited today!

What we Do


Our proven situational mindset, influencing without authority, and change training programs deliver results. Our experienced team delivers practical tools for increasing mental acumen and critical thinking for sustained success.


Our suite of analytical tools target the needs of today’s decision-makers, helping them identify areas of opportunity and sidestep risks by deploying situational awareness, critical thinking and risk analysis.


We systematize effective contextual analysis to ensure effective planning and execution . Using tested approaches, we help leaders turn expectations into realities.


With over three decades of experience as a speaker, consultant, professor and author, Dr. Mary Lippitt offers polished humor, captivating anecdotes and insightful examples.

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