Aligning for Success

Using results from more than 30 years of experience and research, the Aligning for Success program presents a practical five step change model for assessing system consistency and delivers key insights and guidelines for improvement. With a 70% and higher failure rate, we must do more to make change stick.

This program assesses an organization’s current alignment by examining results and addresses what areas need attention to ensure long-term success.

Aligning for Success presents five crucial alignment components:

  • Direction setting
  • Organizational and individual capabilities
  • Reward systems
  • Resources
  • Planning

However, developing a well crafted change program is just the start. The initiative must also gain support from decision makers and implementers. Winning support for change is essential.

Given the pace of change, organizations must adapt. The status quo cannot deliver sustained success.

Program Goals

This program improves the likelihood of successful change by:

  • Increasing goal clarity and commitment to change
  • Improving how to plan for change
  • Developing team and employee change readiness
  • Engaging employee discretionary efforts and initiatives


The Aligning for Success program describes and illustrates key insights and guidelines for successful execution of change. Streamlining or eliminating non-critical activities conserves resources, reputations and time. This program boosts the ability to get it right the first time.

The program can be conducted in a one or two day format, depending on organizational goals and the option of including actual project plan development or practicum.