Enterprise Management Ltd.’s suite of proven tools:

Enterprise Management Ltd. offers four tools to identify areas for opportunity and stay ahead of risks. These broad and integrated tools focus on: Leadership, Power, Execution, Persuasion and Influence. These broad and integrated tools address both concrete decisions and keys to gaining active support and engagement.

The Leadership Spectrum Profile

The Leadership Spectrum Profile®: Targeting Enterprise Priorities ® (LSP) examines Mindsets or a leader’s choice of what is most important to achieve at a point in time.  It focuses on organizational context both internally and externally to foster strategic thinking and deliver results.  While other inventories focusing on style, emotional balance, and competencies help a leader understand themselves and their interactions with others, the LSP develops the ability to assess the organization’s environment, identify alternatives, and make smart decisions.

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Leadership Spectrum Profile

The Execution Priorities Inventory

The Execution Priorities Inventory identifies your current execution priorities – the goals, actions, and results that are currently being used. When decision-making criteria have become habitual, insights from this inventory help you reassess the driving priorities to ensure that you avoid blind spots.   Successful execution is the exception not the rule.  This inventory identifies the six areas that need attention so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Bottom-Line Persuasion

Bottom-Line Persuasion:™ Results Focused Influencing helps identify your goals and Mindsets for winning agreement or support from others at work. Understanding Mindset helps you identify how to position your ideas or proposals to match the interests of those you are trying to influence or those whose support you need to implement the plan.

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Bottom Line
Leadership Power Levers

Leadership Power Levers

Using influence is the foundation for leadership.

The Leadership Power Levers identifies how you are currently using your personal and professional power. It provides insights into new strategies and tactics for working effectively with colleagues, direct reports and upper management.

The cost of powerlessness is delayed decisions, weak initiative, passive responses, and low accountability. With only 29% of people reporting that they were coached or trained in the use of power, this inventory offers the opportunity to build confidence, initiative and effectiveness.

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