Meet our team

Dr. Mary Lippitt, President

Dr. Mary Lippitt is an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant.  She founded Enterprise Management Ltd. in 1985 to provide businesses, teams, and organizations with practical and effective solutions to navigate modern business challenges.

Dr. Lippitt is known for her pioneering in organizational life cycle stages and situational analysis. She is recognized as a leader in executing change, organization alignment and strategic thinking.  She brings passion and creativity to the business world and her insights make her a standout in her field.  Dr. Lippitt consults with fortune 500 corporations, educational institutions, non-profits, government agencies, and religious organizations worldwide to improve organization alignment to achieve results.  And results she delivers.

One client experienced a 40% improvement in productivity after 4,000 managers were trained in Enterprise Management’s practical analytical approach.   Her consulting work has successfully delivered results whether it was introducing new technology, organizational restructuring, strategic plan execution, labor-management relations, transitioning to e-commerce, or merging cultures after an acquisition.

Tenacious with a meticulous thought process, Dr. Lippitt knows that to analyzing current realities opens opportunities for effective and sustainable change. With that in mind, in 2014 she published Brilliant or Blunder: 6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexity.  The book’s success guides readers to make the right call at the right time to deliver stellar outcomes.  She is co-author with Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy of Discover Your Inner Strengths: Cutting Edge Growth Strategies from the Industry’s Leading Experts (2009). Her work on leadership and change execution has been featured in Leader to Leader, Executive Excellence, The Journal of Business Strategy, Industry Week and on Sirius Radio.

Dr. Lippitt earned a Doctorate in Business Administration. She is a member of the Business Transition Council, Association for Talent Development, and the Senior HRD Forum.   She has served in numerous leadership roles in professional associations.  She teaches Organization Change and Development in the MBA program at University of South Florida and formerly taught at Georgetown University, George Washington University and Florida International University. At St. Thomas University she headed the Masters in Human Resource program.

An influential leadership expert, Dr. Lippitt is a highly sought-after author, speaker and consultant.

Mary Lippitt

Tomas Idinge, MBA

Tomas has extensive background in ‘big 4’ consulting, delivering services to Global 2000 companies for over 18 years.   During this time, Tomas ran large programs in areas of technology implementations, process improvement, and change enablement.

Regardless of the service delivered, a common theme throughout Tomas’ career has been building and leading high-performing teams that would enable excellent service delivery for the client.   The teams Tomas managed typically had an international flavor with team members in countries such as The Philippines, India, Canada, and Brazil.

Tomas believes the key to good leadership and client service is effective communication.  This starts with having the ability to actively listen, whether to clients/customers, team members, or other stakeholders, and immerse oneself into that stakeholder’s situation, problem, or opportunity.   Having worked with many companies in different industries and people in different positions from all over the world, working and communicating with people from different backgrounds and with different styles has become one of Tomas’ strengths.

A native of Sweden, Tomas earned his MBA from Florida International University with a concentration in International Business, while also playing college soccer.  Today, he lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife and two children.

Tomas Idinge, MBA

Leo Giglio, Ph.D.

Specializing in Organizational Management and Development, Leo Giglio, Ph.D., has 28 years of experience formulating unique approaches toward integrating practical and realistic organizational development strategies for companies of all sizes and industries. Dr. Giglio has developed Organizational Behavior and Strategic Applications for Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized firms, not-for-profits and government agencies. He takes a specialized educational approach for each client based on the specific needs of the organization. 

With expertise in organizational assessment, organizational development and strategic planning, Leo designs and implements management training programs, facilitates executive retreats, leads workshops and roundtables, and conducts strategic planning sessions. His expertise extends to the area of organizational design and operational analysis.  He coaches and mentors executives on a regular basis, helping them anchor concepts to better plan and lead their organizations.

Over the past five years, he has developed simulation models geared toward organizational and operational improvement. Performance enhancing workshops are designed around computer simulations increasing the impact and positive effects on performance and behavior. These experiences allow practical intervention among directors, managers and professionals of the organization.  

Dr. Giglio’s delivers customized and unique content while providing specific practical, organization, and industry knowledge.  Leo is active in professional societies, author of eleven publications appearing in professional journals and magazines, and he has been an editor of several academic and professional newsletters and books. His credentials are augmented by 28 years of teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Leo Giglio, Ph.D.


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