Bottom Line Persuasion

Bottom-Line Persuasion:™ Results Focused Influencing helps identify your goals, Mindsets, or Priorities for winning agreement or support from others at work. Understanding Priorities helps you identify how to position your ideas or proposals to match the interests of the decision maker you are trying to influence or those driving implementers whose support you need. A Priority includes the outcomes, actions, and results that currently drive decision making, whether to accept an idea or commit to a project. Proposing an idea or program that connects with the decision maker’s Priorities increases the likelihood of acceptance. It uncovers the decision maker’s “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) from a business point of view. Priorities change with information and new circumstances. Flexibility or agility in the persuasion process is critical as the pace of change and competition accelerates. Knowing your Priorities can help you clarify your decision criteria, consider alternatives, develop effective presentations, and create win-win solutions. Individuals, teams, units, and organizations need a diversity of Priorities for sustained success. The Bottom-Line Persuasion ™ inventory can be used to improve teaming, conflict resolution, negotiation, influencing, and communication. It helps those who do not have formal power over others to:

  • Apply an influence framework to create win-win outcomes
  • Learn how high performers adjust to the priorities driving others
  • Develop effective influencing approaches tailored for increased impact
  • Recognize the six work-related priorities that drive agreement and commitment
bottom line persuasion

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