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Untapped Power of Recognition: Investing in Praise and Feedback

By Mary Lippitt | January 22, 2014 One of the most effective forms of organizational power in today’s workplace is recognition power. However, in speaking with countless executives and supervisors over the years and as confirmed in our recent survey, I’ve realized an unsettling trend: recognition power is often the most overlooked. Expanding recognition power […]

Changing the “Quick Fix” Leadership Mindset

By Mary Lippitt | August 6, 2012   In a complex world, speedy solutions rarely work. Unintended consequences, time lags, and interconnected systems whirled with risk and ramifications sidetrack easy solutions. There are no quick fixes and that leadership mindset needs to change. Ralph Kilmann’s 1991 book, Beyond the Quick Fix: Managing Five Tracks to Organizational […]

Motivational Power: Who Wants to be a Donkey?!

By Mary Lippitt | April 12, 2011 It’s time to update the carrot and stick approach. A cartoon of a donkey hitched to a wagon with a stick in front of it with a carrot enticing the donkey highlights the problem of trying to influence action without thinking about ramifications. For centuries, dangling the carrot […]