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Cultivating a Culture of Engagement

By Mary Lippitt | July 24, 2014 The childhood fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk leads us to believe that it is possible to toss out a handful of magic seeds and instantly garner overnight success.  Leaders trying to implement a culture change within their organizations may mistakenly believe this same kind of “magic” […]

Trends in Leadership Practices

By Mary Lippitt | June 26, 2014 Telling, Selling, Tracking and Engaging It is fair to say that the adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” does not apply to leadership.  The trends in leadership practices has actually been shifting significantly; from leaders assuming the sole decision-making role based on the […]

Reward System Surprises

By Mary Lippitt | April 24, 2014 Charles Morrow’s article, Myths of Management, recounts the “cobra effect” or how reward systems plans do not always produce the expected consequences.  During India’s colonial period, Britain sought to rid the continent of cobras.  A bounty for dead cobras was instituted with the expectation that the cobras could be either […]

A New Path to Leadership Effectiveness

By Mary Lippitt | March 21, 2014 Business has undergone a sea of change in the past several decades. Competition, supply-chains, technology, and business models have shifted. Yet, many major corporations still rely on leadership theories from the 1950’s, causing leadership effectiveness to suffer.  Certainly the tried and true frameworks remain valuable, but they are […]

The “Price” of Innovation: No Free Lunches

By Mary Lippitt | February 20, 2014 Innovation. The very word conjures breakthrough products, magazine covers, and celebrity status. But those associations are too good to be the whole story. It requires a closer, more balanced, look. Innovation comes at a cost to leaders, teams and the organization. Organizational Culture and Policy Change Attention to […]

Which is More Detrimental: Power or Powerlessness?

By Mary Lippitt | January 30, 2014 This is the beginning of a new series titled Power Levers.  Over the next several weeks we will identify and examine seven power levers to add to your toolbox. What comes to mind when you think of powerful leaders? Do you envision the trustworthy, inspiring, and successful leader […]

Mastery is Merit

By Mary Lippitt | January 26, 2014 You are probably familiar with the saying “there is no substitute for experience” and perhaps can even attest to its accuracy. Over the past several weeks we have redefined power and explored the new and popular Systems Power lever. As the title alludes, this week I am delving […]