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A Mentor’s Help

By Mary Lippitt | March 26, 2015 How a mentor saved this exec from making one colossal mistake Mary Lippitt was a new hire with a game-changer of an idea. She thought she was on to something that would revolutionize an inefficient process — and set her up for success in the process. But, if […]

Effective Communication

By Mary Lippitt | February 10, 2015 Effective Team Communication: What vs Why At first glance, exchanging information, meaning and messages among team members appears deceptively simple. After all, you know each other and share common goals. Unfortunately, communication and misunderstanding continue. Most of us are poor listeners who quickly jump to assumptions and immediately […]

Stages of Conflict Impact Decision Making

By Mary Lippitt | February 3, 2015 Conflict Stages Impact Successful Group Decision Making Recently, I resigned from a volunteer Board of Directors due to protracted and unproductive conflict. The Board suffered from heated verbal exchanges and deep-rooted personality conflicts, which diverted energy and stymied decision making. This experience seems all too common among groups. […]

Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Understanding 6 Critical Mindsets

By Mary Lippitt | December 17, 2014 Learn how to identify the critical mindsets that enable you to effectively analyze the business situation. At some point in life, we’ve all heard the phrase “ … until you walk a mile in my shoes.” Although this is not a literal suggestion, obviously, it is a sound […]

Better Balance = Wiser Choices

By Mary Lippitt | December 12, 2014 There are no shortcuts to long-term success, and that’s why balance is critical when it comes to the mindset of a leader. The recent worldwide recession has definitely impacted leadership thinking patterns. As many leaders seek to resolve internal issues through cost-cutting strategies, organization flattening and process streamlining, […]

Coaching Others to Get Things Right

By Mary Lippitt | November 13, 2014 Coaching others is a vital part to every leader’s job and the key to a leader’s success.  After all having outstanding staff reflects beautifully well on the leader.  And, part of that coaching process must entail developing critical thinking skills.  Whether it is figuring out how to handle […]

Expanding the Career Coaching Toolkit

By Mary Lippitt | August 20, 2014 Coaching Trends and Opportunities Coaches help clients expand their skills, tools, and perspectives.  We are proud of our abilities to help people becomes extraordinary and fulfilled.  While we challenge others to reach beyond their comfort zone, to take risks by trying new approaches, and use reflection to broaden […]