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Revitalizing Sluggish Decision Making Practices

By Mary Lippitt | February 19, 2016 Organizations often respond to accelerating change with slower decision making. CEB’s study of 3,000 business leaders found that 63% of executive felt decision making was too slow. Making the right decision is not guaranteed by slow decision making practices. Certainly the increased complexity decisions complexity leaders begs for […]

Sound Bites Can Bite

By Mary Lippitt | February 3, 2016 Advertisers use sound bites to capture attention and promote interest. Recently our leaders both political and non-political adopted the use of clever snippets that might be witty but they are not clear. In fact, they often produce confusion, rather than dispel it. A catchy phrase may entertain, but […]

Fox Hunting: Why We Need More than Hedgehog Leaders

By Mary Lippitt | November 4, 2015 We traditionally reward Hedgehog leaders who excel in a specialized area.  In fact most of our career paths are tailored for specialized knowledge.  Their expertise clearly produces value by digging into and sometimes creating new pursuits opens opportunities.  But what is being overlooked is the need for Fox leaders with […]

Three Dimensions of Leadership Development

By Mary Lippitt | September 15, 2015 People, Process and Priorities THE STUDY OF LEADERSHIP traditionally starts by focusing on the leader’s personal awareness of themselves and their style in interacting with others. From first line to top line executives, mastering yourself and your interactions permits effective communication, clear performance expectations and teamwork. The second […]

Patricia Raskin Interview

By Mary Lippitt | June 3, 2015 Recently, Dr. Mary Lippitt was interviewed by Patricia Raskin on Voice America. Dr. Lippitt talks about how knowing priorities can help to clarify goal alignment, bring decision making criteria into focus, and improve communication. In addition, by learning the Spectrum of Profiles, individuals can learn how to more […]

Top 4 Mistakes Women Make in the Workplace

By Mary Lippitt | April 14, 2015 The road to the C-suite is littered with well-meaning, well-qualified workers who never quite get there. So what is the difference-maker? Executive coach and consultant Dr. Mary Lippitt has worked with hundreds of leaders, from Fortune 500 executives to top Pentagon officials, and she’s conducted research on thousands of […]