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Culture’s Impact On Successful Change

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” By now we’ve all heard that famous quote attributed to Peter Drucker and have come to recognize its validity. To grasp the powerful connection between culture and strategy, think no further than your last change initiative. Many change initiatives derail shortly after launch due to outright rejection or steady erosion. […]

Success Mindsets For Astute Scanning

By: Dr. Mary Lippitt | March 20, 2017 We all recognize that better decisions follow reliable data collection. However, obtaining it remains a challenge. Too often we accept a penetrating glimpse of the obvious or past practice since it is safe and efficient to keep doing what we have always done.  Unfortunately, this tendency keeps […]

People Make Up Their Own Minds At Elections And In Organizations

By Dr. Mary Lippitt | January 30, 2017 Winning support requires more than packaged positions and slogans. Building a ground swell or promising does not equate to a strong conviction. Emotions ebb as well as escalate based on personal assessments. Persuasion tactics such as promising a prosperous outcome, warning of impending disaster, stoking excitement at […]

Distorted Perceptions

By Mary Lippitt | September 21, 2016   Perception: Disconnects, Distortions and Deficiencies We often hear that seeing is believing, but should we always believe what we see? Our distorted perceptions can be superficial and unduly influenced by past experiences.  Architects, IT professionals and security personnel can “see” the same office, but what registers and […]

Are You Rewarding A While Requiring B?

By Mary Lippitt | July 26, 2016   Reward Systems I decided on my doctoral thesis topic after reading Steven Kerr’s 1975 article, The Folly of Rewarding A When Hoping for B, in the Academy of Management Journal (volume 18, pps.769-782). In the decades since this published, one might assume that organizations revised their reward […]

Invisible Fences: Limiting Constraints

By Mary Lippitt | July 19, 2016 My neighbor’s dogs explore their backyard but within constrained boundaries. An invisible fence limits them. If they stray beyond the specified area their collar provides either an electrical stimulus or a vibration to restrain them.   It only takes a few of these shocking experiences before the dog recognizes […]

Top Ten Leadership Skills for 2020

By Mary Lippitt | May 13, 2016 Leaders need to continually polish their talents, and sometimes also their resume. We all recognize that organizations are changing, new challenges are surfacing and competition is increasing. What does that mean for those of us in the workplace? In January 2016 the World Economic Forum issued their Future of […]