Testimonials from some of our clients

Mary Lippitt provided excellent guidance and leadership at a key organization-wide meeting that she designed and facilitated for us. Because she is a leadership consultant as well as speaker and facilitator, she was able to help us refine our strategy for the meeting, develop an effective agenda and engage participants in results-oriented and meaningful ways. Mary’s input was invaluable to us and I would recommend her to any organization going through and working to manage change.
~Director of Marketing Communications,CONMED Corporation

Dr. Lippitt’s work in helping us restructure our board provided us the ability to effectively engage them in a strategic planning session with structure and focus. As a result we have more energy and a solid direction for the future. Dr. Lippitt was extremely flexible and attentive to the needs of our organization. She helped us be successful.
~Executive Director, BayCare Behavioral Health

Dr. Lippitt’s attentiveness to client needs and her understanding of how organizations function are unsurpassed. She is among the few who are highly effective as a consultant, trainer, and speaker. Working with her is truly a pleasure.
~Director of Human Resources, Hughes, HTI

“Dr. Lippitt proved invaluable in explaining difficult concepts, filling in gaps in skills and training, and keeping the teams focused on the process. Her professional and personal skills allowed the project to succeed and produce its deliverable on schedule. I can give my strongest recommendation to Dr. Lippitt. ”
~HR Director, Lockheed Martin

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