About Enterprise Management, Ltd.

Enterprise Management Ltd. is an international leader in linking development and results.  What sets us apart is our focus on impacting business outcomes, and enabling the workforce to capture opportunities and still manage risk.  We are the authority in developing leadership judgment that creates effective and timely solutions that secure both short and long-term potential.  Poor decisions and goal setting are the most fatal leadership flaws, but we are able decode the process of making stellar decisions.

Based on our empirical research and the need for greater agility, we offer a new framework for leadership that will effectively seize opportunities and mitigate risk, while focusing on results at all levels.

We provide our clients with practical, research-based, high-impact programs that accelerate business-initiative implementation, improve agility and build a proactive culture.

Our 30-year legacy as a thought leader continues with the new release of Brilliant or Blunder: 6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexity, authored by Dr. Mary Lippitt, CEO and Founder Enterprise Management.