• Organizations only win when leaders make wise choices.

  • Success mindsets are the main difference between a thriving organization and a failing one.

If you do not think smarter thinking counts, think again!

Our unique Success Mindset Strategies provides a framework of innovative thinking when leaders confront complexity, uncertainty, and opportunity. With game-changing materials, we provide reliable, proven services and inventories that get to the heart of delivering brilliant outcomes.  Our six Success Mindset Strategies immediately deliver powerful insights based on current organization’s challenges and opportunities.

Dr. Mary B. Lippitt is the Founder of Enterprise Management Limited and award winning author of Brilliant or Blunder: 6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity, and Change.

Dr. Lippitt’s pioneering work in the areas of strategic thinking, leveraging opportunity, and implementing change is an asset to clients seeking to develop successful strategies and enhance value.

Business analytics and decisions are an integral part of successful management. Our program will provide you with best practices and tools to craft brilliant decisions that capture short and long term value. The concepts learned will help you identify opportunities, improve performance and avoid pitfalls that might derail success. Contact Enterprise Management Limited today!



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With over three decades of experience as a speaker, consultant, professor and author, Dr. Mary Lippitt offers polished humor, captivating anecdotes and insightful examples. Learn More

Some of our Clients

Dr. Lippitt’s work with our organization really made a difference. Everyone came, participated enthusiastically and left feeling that their time was well spent. (We want you back!)

~Manager, Network Solutions

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